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Casey Fuerst

Tic Tac Toe Marketing

Every small business owner hits a point when they just can’t do it all themselves. They need to focus their time and energy on vision, growth, and systems. And, they need to find the right collection of people to do the rest.

Casey and her team at Tic Tac Toe Marketing provide fractional CMO (chief marketing officer) services for small businesses, so that you can free up time and space to do the important work of growth!

I am an expert in Marketing for small businesses!

To Reach your BIG Goals, you need a Marketing Partner you can Trust

Role: Owner

As the owner of Tic Tac Toe Marketing, Casey's daily focus is on sales, client support, strategy, and keeping the team moving in the right direction.


The Tic Tac Toe Marketing team includes two full time employees and a team of contractors.


Casey is located in Savage, MN, but her team is scattered. She works with clients across the United States.

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