The Mind of a Business Builder ft. Kim Kelty

Today’s episode of The Business Builder Way features a conversation with Kim Kelty of The Kelty Method: Brand Consulting and Podcast Producing. In this episode, we talk about Kim’s business model, how to make marketing for your business can and needs to be simple, along with her sharing your story about finding her worth as a Business Builder.

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Photo of Kim Kelty in a chair.

Kim Kelty

Kim is a Brand Consultant and Podcast Producer, she partners with small business owners and entrepreneurs to work on their personal branding. Her talent is in bringing the in-person work, success & voice to life on a digital scale.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management combined with her experience as an elite women’s soccer player and coach, she has an incredible ability to coach and facilitate teams. She has helped athletes get to the elite level and now she focuses her attention on helping business owners create their own unique, elite level of branding and messaging.

Kim resides in Denver, Colorado with her chocolate lab, Jada, and my tabby cat, Boo Boo. Originally from 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia, PA, she fell in love with all things Colorado has to offer such as Hiking, Skiing, Paddleboarding and simply being in the mountains. She loves to work out and she really enjoys cooking. Her specialty is anything with pasta and shrimp!

A couple of fun facts about Kim: she has a titanium rod in her right leg from a soccer accident and she is an exceptionally good parallel parker.