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A Business Builder is a person who is developing a business not only to grow but to succeed. A Business Builder seeks to create and build their vision of a company that exceeds all expectations. A Business Builder wants more than a successful business, we seek a successful life.


Wayne Herring

Business Builder Camp

Schuylkill Haven, PA

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Matt Kulp

Legacy Planning Partners

Wyomissing, PA

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Andy Richardson


Beaufort, SC

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Kane D'Amico

Alliance Heating & Air Conditioning

Bridgeport, CT

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Susie Touchinsky headshot.

Susie Touchinsky

Adaptive Mobility Services LLC

Orwigsburg, PA

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Kim Kelty Photo Chair (1)

Kim Kelty

The Kelty Method

Denver, CO

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Melissa Kontir B_W TCB Photo (1)

Melissa Kontir

TCB Promotions

Delaware, PA

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Jamie Connell

Connell Funeral Homes

Bethlehem, PA

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Spencer Howell Profile Pic (1)

Spencer Howell

Howell Rescue Systems

Dayton, OH

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matt ott

Matt Ott

Modus Construction

Mohrsville, PA

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wesley and alex profile

Wesley Gehman

Wes Web

Schuylkill Haven, PA

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Bill Zeamer Picture 2024 (1)

Bill Zeamer

Utility Keystone

Manheim, PA

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Buddy Touchinsky

PEAK Integrative Medicine

Orwigsburg, PA

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Scott Kallick Headshot (1)

Scott Kallick

Scott Kallick

Pittsburgh, PA

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Jack Jostes

Ramblin Jackson

Lyons, CO

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mark govero (1)

Mark Govero

Business Name

Wentzville, MO

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Charlie anderson

Charlie Anderson

Dreamworx Roofing

Camp Hill, PA

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Jared Buckley

Fire Chief Coach

Surprise, AZ

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tom-garrity-profile-pic copy

Tom Garrity

Compass Point Consulting

Allentown, PA

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Jenn Kurian

Jenn Kurian

Wild For Salmon

Bloomsburg, PA

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Loretta Andrews

Graphic Communications

Warminster, PA

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Coaching is an investment of time and money. It’s intense work that required you to be focused on your own personal and business growth. 



Groups of business owners who come together to learn, share encouragement and push one another toward new levels of greatness.



Your team needs intentional time away for training. Come to the farm to gain clarity, connection, and a path forward.



Book club is a great way to try out the network to see if it is a fit for you. Give it a try this month - it’s free and fun. Plus, you'll learn a lot from the book and conversation!



To say that I get it is an understatement. I have lived and worked through the good times and bad as a business owner, husband, parent and provider.

I grew up with strong role models who had entrepreneurship running through their blood. I learned from them - the good and the bad. But all of that didn’t stop me from making my own set of mistakes. I still had to make and learn from my own, sometimes catastrophic, errors of judgement.

Now, I am building a business just like you. I am proud of the growth I’ve accomplished within myself and my business. I also know that my growth is a journey, not a destination and that I need mentors, team members, coaches, and trusted friends to help me stay the course.

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 4.08.44 PM

Teia Engel

Golden Proportions Marketing

Our agency recently engaged Wayne for a one-day sales training with our account team. The feedback I have received from my team was nothing less than phenomenal. They have all expressed their desire to have Wayne come back and continue to coach us to improve our sales skills and form even better relationships with our clients. They shared how they are already implementing much of what they learned and have identified areas in which they want to continue to work on.

Wayne spent many hours with me on the front end of this training day learning about our business, our new business intake process and asked a lot of great questions. I felt that he really understood our business and tailor the training specifically to our needs. It was clear that this was not an "off the shelf" coaching session. And the impact of that time investment and customization is clear.
We look forward to continuing to work with Wayne in the future. I highly recommend if you are seeking a coach that will invest their time and commit to learning your business so you can hone the skills of your sales team, that you contact Wayne. Aside from the training, Wayne is just a great guy, very down to earth and relatable which made the day fun and relaxing all while accomplishing great work! 

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 4.08.51 PM

Jeff Large

Process to Hire Strong Salespeople

Wayne's process helped me to generate an enormous pool of sales talent (80+ applicants) and then we picked a salesman that fit not only the position but our culture and I have been extremely happy with him.  It is very hard to recruit great salespeople in our Commercial Laundry business.

We struggled in the past to get enough candidates, to ask them the right questions and then to pick the ones who can and will sell in our environment.  In the past, the people we did invite in for interviews based on their resumes were often far from what we were looking for.   This process not only finds salespeople but vets them before you even speak to them (no ridiculous interviews and phone calls).  Wayne has also helped us with some sales team process improvement, and sales management frameworks and systems to get our new sales hires started off right.

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 4.08.54 PM

Lauren Raymond

Sales Skills and Confidence

I was referred to Wayne about a year ago by a mutual friend. I needed some help in my current business of networking, connecting and leadership. Wayne spent a good amount of time with me, initially getting to know me as a person and as a business owner. After a few conversations and some really good pointers to get me over some humps, I decided to work with Wayne a little bit longer. I took some assessments that evaluated my leadership skills, sales skills, and personal skills. Wayne spent a lot of time following this assessment looking at strengths and areas of growth. I started implementing suggestions I received from Wayne from the beginning and to this day I still use them. They have made me a better connector, networker, and leader. Even though I still have a lot of room to grow, I'm a lot further ahead then when I was before I started working with Wayne. I recommend that people take some time to reach out to Wayne as he will provide you with strategies to better yourself and your business and help you grow. 

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