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Wayne Herring

Business Builder Camp

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners have a natural grit to them. They are problem-solvers, innovators and get-er-doners. But, it’s lonely at the top.

Wayne leads the Business Builder Camp crew with thoughtful mastermind groups, coaching, and book clubs that help leaders to feel more confident, gain clarity, increase capacity, and grow their powerful network of support.

Supported, empowered entrepreneurs and business owners have the life-balance that helps them to be happy, consistently grow, and work toward their goals.

I am an expert in coaching

A Powerful Community of Business Owners

Role: Founder

As the owner of Business Builder Camp, Wayne spends his time thinking, writing, speaking to clients so that he is serving this community always!


The Business Builder Camp team includes Wayne and a handful of contracted support.


Wayne is located in Pennsylvania. His support team and clients are located across the country.

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