Kane D'Amico

Alliance Heat

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Kane is a Business Builder. He is the Co-Owner of Alliance Heating and HVAC and he is building something that matters. The work he has done within Alliance Heating since he was an entry-level employee of the company in 1994 to the VP of the business presently has made waves of impact on his employees, their customers and his family. Kane's experience is unique in how he acquired the company with a partner.

Kane is a Business Builder who is dedicated to building his company, but even more so,building and caring for his family. He cares about being an excellent father and husband. Business Building is more than just business; it is an entire lifestyle, and Kane displays that in his life.

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Because Kane acquired Alliance HVAC as an employee, he had challenges to overcome. Like many new business owners initially, we still want to do the work, but as a business owner, we need to build and work on our business. Kane identified this immediately when becoming a business owner and worked hard to become a Business Builder for his company, his partner, his employees, and his family.

Now Kane is developing Alliance to last beyond him and his business partner Chuck. When you meet Kane he has so much knowledge in the HVAC industry as well as major insight into developing a company that takes care of its employees. Make sure you get to know Kane and learn from him at camp.


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