BBcamp at the farm


Everyday, everwhere, teams struggle with the same things - infighting, low morale, mistrust, poor communication and more. It’s frustrating and directly affects productivity.

Your team needs time away for intentional training, so that you can be happier, healthier, and more profitable!



Most challenges within teams rises up because of confusion around the purpose of the work and how you work together. Team workshops can help you gain clarity so that you can all work from the same playbook.


Accountability isn’t something people do for you. It’s something you do for yourself, but having a group of people that you trust who know what you are holding yourself accountable for can make it easier.


There is a reason that the business book market is exploding. We all crave frameworks and tools that help us decrease the learning curve and cut straight to success. We will help you find the best tools and resources to fit your needs.


Because we believe this is worth your time and investment, we insist that you come to our farm for your workshop.

Your farm experience includes our full hospitality, including a wonderful meal!



Shoot us an email and share what your team is up to. Do you have goals, challenges, and opportunities for new/different ways of working?


Wayne will set up a call to get to know you better and share options for a leadership growth workshop.


Come to the farm, learn, share and grow as a team and as individuals.

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Joshua Ott

Speaker/Ministry Coach, Grace Free Church

What an amazing experience! Wayne has a gift for coaching and consulting that has been a game changer for me and my team. Wayne started coaching me in early 2017 and it is incredible to now look back on the past two years and see how much ground we covered in my development as a leader. Wayne is insightful, discerning and excels at helping me see my blindspots and problem solve for them. Wayne is also a great guy to spend time with while deep diving into all of the intricacies of personal leadership development and organizational growth. This has been the best decision I ever made as a leader and I look forward to continued growth working as a client of Wayne Herring. I highly recommend securing Wayne as a coach for you and/or your team. Your growth as a leader and organization will be exponential. 

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Xana Winans

Owner/Founder Smart Market Dental, Owner/Founder Golden Proportions Marketing

My agency retained Wayne to spend a day teaching my team about sales, and we ended up getting so much more. He has completely transformed the way we are qualifying leads, the way we lead them through our discovery process, and how we close our clients. 

My team is very sensitive to the concept of "sales training" (we all have that "used car salesman" broken record in our heads), but they totally resonated with his approach. His method of teaching sales focuses on presenting prospects with an ethically based solution that only serves to solve their problem. If your company needs sales training or coaching (next up on our agenda!), you simply must call Wayne. 

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Gregory Gray

Founder of Southeast Small Business Leaders (SSBL)

Wayne is one of my favorite guys in the world of business coaching and consulting. He has an unmatched passion and zeal for the good stuff in life. His focus on family, friends and faith is incredible. Wayne is an influencer and connector. I consider him a brother and a friend. He could not come more highly recommended. 

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Chad James

Veteran Business Coach and Advisor

Wayne is one of the most interesting people I've ever met and boy, oh boy, does he have a knack for getting to the ROOT CAUSE of my challenges and then helping me put plans in place to overcome those challenges quickly and easily. I met Wayne when he was a partcipant in a coaching mastermind that I ran, now he's MY coach. Can't recommend him highly enough! 

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Michael W. Green

International Performance Coach, Speaker, and Guide

Wayne is a Man of great character, ability, and know how. He is straight to the point as he teaches you how to excel. Wayne's personality to gain trust and respect with those in front of him is the foundation of his success. Couple that with his experience and passion to support sustainable growth in individuals, teams, or companies, makes him a major value add to any team or company. 

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