Deep Work By Cal Newport


April 31, 2021     11:30-1:00 EST

Update/Edit: Business Builder Camp is for both men and women with a women's mastermind program now. In the video we just say men because at the time we only had men in the mastermind groups.

Benefits Of Reading Deep Work With Other Business Owners

There are several advantages to reading and discussing "Deep Work" as a group of company owners. The book places a strong emphasis on the ability to do deep work, which is described as a superpower in the cutthroat economy of today: focusing on difficult tasks without interruption. Through a thorough examination of the book's two sections and Cal Newport's four principles, the group may come to a shared understanding of the profoundly positive effects of developing a strong work ethic.

The book offers a useful training schedule to hone this talent in addition to making an argument for the advantages of deep work. Entrepreneurs may learn from the combination of practical guidance and cultural critique, as well as from inspiring tales of those who have accomplished great things through serious effort, like Carl Jung constructing a stone structure in the forest.

Through group discussion of the book, the group can delve into useful tactics such as accepting boredom, giving up social media, and "draining the shallows." It helps each member improve their capacity to generate better outcomes in less time and experience genuine fulfillment in both their personal and professional life.

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Our book club mastermind is a great way to do that. We spend 60 minutes talking about the book, our experiences that relate to it, and how we are going to put into action what we have learned!

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