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Meet Wesley

Wesley is one of our newest Business Builders. While he is young he has a wide depth of knowledge and passion for SEO and Digital Marketing. Wesley's business Wes Web is just one aspect of his Business Builder journey. Wes is deeply involved with his local community, his church and runs a Christian nonprofit as well. As he learns and grows from Wayne's one-on-one coaching and the influence of the other Business Builders in the mastermind groups he hopes to grow and improve his business and better serve others.


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How Has Business Builder Camp Impacted Wesley?

It has grown my business tremendously over the past few months. I feel like I have been able to overcome hurdles in these few months that would have taken years on my own. Wayne's insight and guidance in his coaching has been so insightful and he holds me accountable. I am so thankful for Business Builder Camp and Wayne's impact on Wes Web and the other areas of my life where I am a leader and a coach.

What Did You Hope To Gain When Joining Business Builder Camp?

I wasn't exactly sure what I hoped to gain when I became part of Business Builder Camp. I knew I needed guidance, I knew I was terrible at sales, and I knew I need guidance and coaching for my business. I have found all of that and more. I've found a community of people all seeking to grow their business and grow it well.

What Is Your Favorite Business Builder Camp Memory?

I went to my first in person camp or retreat in the spring of 2023. On the last day we had a "Business Hot Seat" where we met up with a few other business owners and each shared the state of our business and the challenges we are facing at the moment. The other business owners then shared their insights and experience and so so much encouragement with me!

Just my hot seat was about an hour and a half so I learned so much, related strongly with the other business owners and also got the chance to encourage and share my insight. It has had a strong impact on me and my business. I can't wait for the next one!

What Are Wesley's Goal's For His Business This Year?

This is a challenging one. At the beginning of the year my goal was to grow my business. Have more income than just the bills being paid. That was checked off within a month or two. Now I feel overwhelmed in a different way. My business is growing and I need to decide how I want it to grow. Lacking that clarity I know I am now the one holding it back from its full potential.

For me, I am a cautious business owner and I see a lot of pros and cons to developing a digital marketing agency, or developing my business to be a CMO business structure, or a hybrid. For me, I really want to serve my clients and serve them well. I feel the direction my business goes will directly impact how well I can serve my clients. So my goal for the coming months is to determine that vision for Wes Web and to pursue it.


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