One Question: One Answer

The One Question: One Answer series will help answer your questions, and connect you with highly qualified, trustworthy individuals.

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Driven Leader vs. Drawn To Leader

Driven vs Drawn To

In our Wednesday mastermind group this week, we had a long and rich conversation about the difference between being a driven leader vs. drawn-to leader. Let me start by defining each. A Driven Leader A person who pushes and pulls their way forward in order to meet and exceed goals. A Drawn-to Leader A person…

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Maximize Applications for Your Job Listings

Maximizing Applications for your Job Listing

It seems like the whole world is looking to fill positions right now. It feels tough and a bit desperate. I want you to resist that feeling and know that you can still get solid applicants for your open positions. Let’s take a look at how you can maximize applications for your job listings. Like…

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Business Owner Retreat

The Power of In-Person, Together, and Away! Being a business owner is a bit like being a solo goldfish living alone in a bowl. Everyone can see you and get some sense of how well you are doing, but you are alone – doing your best to keep your bowl clean, your food digested properly,…

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Creating a Sticky Community

Sticky Community

It’s well known that when you can sell a product that is used for more than one purpose, the value of that product goes up. In the marketing world, it’s called the “stickiness” of the product. Dan & Chip Heath’s book “Made to Stick” is all about this concept. As a coach and connector, I’m…

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