Thrive at Selling ft. Warren Lewis PART 1

In today’s episode (Part 1 of 3), we went back to “the vault” for this 3-part series. You will hear Warren Lewis, who introduced me to the world of sales training & development, coaching and leadership and really to living intentionally by setting goals.

Several years ago, Warren and I sat down and had a conversation about selling and sales management, how business builders can build a sales team, and how to help salespeople to be effective. We answer some questions around: How do you know when to give them a performance improvement plan? When to fire them? How to hire them? How to find the best? How to help them prospect? How to coach them when they’re down? We cover a wide range of topics.

I think you’re gonna hear some gold and some gems in here. Get your notepads ready, you’re going to get a lot out of this series.

Warren Lewis