sales strength

Many sales leaders are frustrated because their salespeople will not “work out” on their own and consume sales training content, or do sales rehearsals, etc. Well…should we really expect them to? Working out is very similar – are you in a cross fit or group program for fitness?

Are you the kind of sales leader who listens to sales podcasts in your car or during your free time?

Have you had success in implementing pointers from the greats, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, etc. in your sales team and watched those pointers fade away?

Well, I just finished my workout for today in our basement – a crossfit DVD. It got me thinking about sales “excercise” and the vast collection of workout videos that my wife has collected over the years.

My wife has collected these videos and created her own workout routines that have kept her fit and healthy. She has a calendar of workouts to complete and she stays on top of it without having to hire a trainer or go to a gym. Anyone can do this, but most people don’t.

Most people will try this for a few days or months as part of a New Year’s Resolution, but they don’t stick to it.

This is why crossfit programs are so popular. These programs combine a workout with some one-on-one coaching, accountability, and community, to keep people coming back.

The reason these programs work is because the combination of tactics they use keep people coming back.

It’s the same with sales coaching and training.

Most people are not going to do it themselves. Most people are not like you. Most people are not driven and motivated the way that you are.

Most people need coaching, community, and accountability.

Most people need one on ones that are scheduled and consistent. They may not like it, or say they don’t need it, but they do.

It’s like crossfit – once they start, and commit, and see results, they WILL want to keep coming back for more pointers from you.

So take the time to build, coach, and train your people.

Building a Stronger Sales team requires that you hire stronger salespeople and build the ones that you’ve got… the ones who are trainable and coachable.