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Melissa Kontir

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Meet Melissa

Melissa is a Business Builder. Melissa brings a lot of heart to her mastermind group and the business builders as a whole. She loves what she does, her family, and her business, but most of all, she loves and cares about people. What drives and motivates her work is the relationships and people involved. From her employees to her customers, Melissa pours her heart into her relationships with others.

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Business Builder Way Podcast image featuring Xana Winans & Melissa Miller.

Hear From Melissa On The Business Builder Podcast

Melissa Kontir is featured in a few episodes of the Business Builder Podcast. You can learn about her and TCB Promotions as she shares her knowledge and experience.

Join Melissa Kontir At Business Builder Camp!

Learn More About Melissa

When you meet Melissa at Business Builder Camp, get to know her. She not only has fantastic promotional strategies and ideas but also has exceptional experience in growing her business. She knows the importance of weighing both the emotions and logic of building a business. Join the Business Builders to learn and grow with Melissa.

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