The 6 E's of Business Success: Andy Richardson's Framework for Building a Flourishing Business

Business Builder Way Ft. Andy Richardson

In this episode, we are joined by Andy Richardson founder of 29E6.

Welcome to Business Builder Way, where we delve into the strategies and stories of successful entrepreneurs. In this episode, host Wayne Herring sits down with Andy Richardson, the founder of 29e6, a structural engineering and design firm based in Beaufort, South Carolina. Andy shares his insights on how to build a business for personal life benefits, emphasizing the importance of delegating tasks, cutting out work, and training others to achieve work-life balance. From the challenges of hiring and managing employees to expanding the company's reach into Utah and Columbia, Andy provides valuable lessons and personal anecdotes on business growth and success. Join us as we explore the entrepreneurial journey of Andy Richardson and uncover the core values and strategies that have propelled his business to new heights.

Andy Richardson

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"How do you hire is always a big question. And do you go with a person who is a novice and needs training and needs growth, or do you go with a PE or somebody who is very experienced and then you have to kinda, like, retrain them on our way."
— Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson's entrepreneurial journey began in 2007 after reading Dan Miller's book, "48 Days to the Work You Love." At the time, he was working as an engineer for an engineering company, but the book inspired him to start his own business. He began exploring different business ideas outside of engineering and even tried his hand at making money online. Inspired by the likes of Tim Ferris, he embarked on his journey as a business owner and hasn't looked back since.





Coaching is an investment of time and money. It’s intense work that required you to be focused on your own personal and business growth. 



Groups of business owners who come together to learn, share encouragement and push one another toward new levels of greatness.



Your team needs intentional time away for training. Come to the farm to gain clarity, connection, and a path forward.



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To say that I get it is an understatement. I have lived and worked through the good times and bad as a business owner, husband, parent and provider.

I grew up with strong role models who had entrepreneurship running through their blood. I learned from them - the good and the bad. But all of that didn’t stop me from making my own set of mistakes. I still had to make and learn from my own, sometimes catastrophic, errors of judgement.

Now, I am building a business just like you. I am proud of the growth I’ve accomplished within myself and my business. I also know that my growth is a journey, not a destination and that I need mentors, team members, coaches, and trusted friends to help me stay the course.

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