Create A Unique Brand of Hospitality ft. Pete Clare

This week’s episode of The Business Builder Way, was recorded back in 2018. This episode features Business Builder, Pete Clare. Pete is the founder of Turkey Trot Acres Lodge in Candor, New York. Pete is a friend, Pete is somebody with who I’ve spent a lot of time with. Pete is a creator extraordinaire, always with a new idea, and then he executes, he’s got guts!

In this episode, I ask Pete Clare questions about how did he create a celebrity hunt with NFL football players? How did Pete and his wife Sherry come together to create their unique brand of hospitality in upstate New York? How did they build a lodge from logs that they went and cut and peeled? How did they expand into record production and music festivals? And it was such a great conversation.

For more about Pete and Turkey Trot Acres Lodge visit their website a

Pete Clare, Owner, Turkey Trot Acres Lodge.

Pete Clare

Founder Pete Clare of Turkey Trot Acres in Candor, New York, for thirty-six years, has earned a national reputation as one of “America’s Premier Wild Turkey Hunting Destinations”. This honor was earned by over three decades of hard work and sticking to our original game plan… To provide quality hunting, lodging, and dining for our guests. We are proud of the fact that all of the hunting at Turkey Trot is the “Real Deal”. We hunt under strictly fair chase conditions, no game feeders, no high fences, or pen-raised gobblers. You will find thousands of acres of prime wildlife habitat and guides that know how to hunt!  For more information on ‘America’s Legendary Turkey Hunting Hangout’.