Daring To Fight ft. Victoria Mininger

In today’s episode, Victoria Mininger, CEO of Bear Creek is just coming off her 2 and half month sabbatical. She shares with us what it took for her to take that intentional rest to help set her up to best serve others when she steps back into building her business.

Victoria is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, published author, writer, leadership coach, and speaker. She encourages women to lead well, right where they have been planted, whether in their home, business, or ministry. Victoria shares a wealth of knowledge with us on today’s message and more about her life in her book – “Daring To Fight – When Grit, Grace & Faith Take Depression Head On”, which can be found here.

To get in touch with Victoria, please visit her at www.victoriamininger.com.

Victoria Mininger, a business builder featured on our podcast.

Victoria Mininger

A few years ago Victoria was a busy and exhausted mess. Somewhere in the midst of doing life and wearing so many hats, she lost who she was.  She lost the one who loved hiking & running quiet mountain paths. Victoria lost that girl who loved growing green things and watching chickens scratch the dirt. She lost the one who found delight in the art of weaving words into stories and I lost the desire to lead the people and places that had always brought my heart joy and purpose.

Ultimately, Victoria couldn’t do it anymore and crashed hard.  Depression and anxiety became unwelcome friends, camping out on her living room couch, until one day she had enough.  It took a lot of hard work to walk out of that season. But on this side of it, she is re-discovering who she is.  Victoria shares more about that season of life in her book – “Daring To Fight – When Grit, Grace & Faith Take Depression Head On.” 

Today, having returned to leadership, her heart is to encourage other women in the places they have been called to lead – in their home, business or ministry – by pointing them to the heart of Jesus first.