How To Create Consistent Leads For Your Business ft. Ivan Gonzalez

In this episode, we are joined by Ivan Gonzalez, Founder of IG1 Communications in California. Ivan and I met through a cold outreach message on LinkedIn.

Ivan has created an incredible business with 8 employees present day. He continues to have consistent leads coming through and his story about how to network, and how to serve people for free, and shares his hashtag #itsgoodtobeking. This hashtag leads to a more in-depth journal prompt about how are you going to build your kingdom and how you want to be as a King or Queen. Ivan’s story shares a lot about what it has taken to build the mighty strong business he has today. His journey is jammed pack and a lot of value pieces to take away for your business.

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Ivan Gonzalez Headshot

Ivan Gonzalez

Several decades ago, Ivan began his career in the film and television industry and quickly became a sought-after commodity in charge of national broadcast commercials, shows and direct response infomercials with million-dollar budgets.  In 2014, Ivan utilized his valuable and vast experience, knowledge and creativity… and thus IG1 Communications was born!   While Ivan may not be producing multi-million dollar shows much anymore, his Executive Producer stewardship, along with his specialized team of in-house experts and veteran professionals, allows him to focus on what’s most important these days for all clients… success and reward!  Ivan’s personal goal is to consistently meet and exceed client expectations.