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More than hard work or dedication is needed to be a successful business owner in Maine. A Business Builder is more than a business owner; we are people who have set out to run a successful business, and have a healthy, full and prosperous life.

A strategic direction and guidance customized to your particular possibilities and challenges is needed for this to occur in your life and business. At Business Builder Camp, we specialize in offering expert coaching to Maine company owners, assisting you in turning obstacles into stepping stones and making sure that your path is both satisfying and significant.

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    One-On-One Business Coaching For Maine Entrepenuers

    Every entrepreneur's path is unique, which is recognized in our approach to business coaching. Your business route is as varied as Maine’s coast, and ports are from the mountains and forests to the north. That is why 1 to 1 business coaching in Maine is so important. It is through our one-on-one coaching sessions in Maine or online that we can get to the root of the problem. Many times the problems that creep into our lives whether it be our family or business, stem from our own personal struggles. Having 1:1 coaching for your Maine business will help solve and navigate those problems.

    What Does Maine Business Coaching Look Like?

    Because we have a personalized approach to your coaching, we can focus on a variety of areas and topics. We have worked on sales coaching for businesses in Maine and work-life balance all the way to help with family and marriage issues that come up with owning a business. Our Maine coaching has regular meetings online or in person and we spend time working on you, working on your business, and working on your life. Some areas we may discuss and focus on are:

    • Maine Business Coaching On Vision: If you do not have a vision for your business it is likely you are constantly trying new things but they never stick. You have a high turnover rate with your employees or you constantly feel like you are restarting. Get help building your vision with a business coach in Maine.
    • Sales Coaching For Business Owners In Maine: Sales are the lifeblood of your Maine business. If you aren’t making sales your business is not growing or surviving. Improve your sales with a Maine business coach.
    • Money Management Coaching: You are making sales and growing your savings and checking account, what should you do with this money, how should you develop your business’s finances and personal finances?
    • Work-Life Balance For Maine Business Owners: Many of us start a business to have more control of our life and our time, but if we do not manage our time well, we will suddenly lack a healthy work-life balance.


    When you started your company, you likely had a pretty strong handle on why you were doing it. Whether is was a better alternative that working for others or you craved the adrenaline rush of building something new and having financial freedom, you were solidly working toward your purpose. Now, as time has passed, that purpose can get muddied. Distractions, shiny object syndrome, and daily life can lead you to a place where it all just feels like running on a hamster wheel. I’ll work with you to clarify your purpose and make sure your behaviors, thinking and patterns are aligned!

    Prospecting & Growing Sales

    With a ton of tools and resources at our disposal, I’ll work with you to clearly define your sales goals and craft a plan to achieve them.

    Focus on Profit

    Perhaps your income is fantastic but profit is weak. Perhaps you are doing it all to maximize your personal profit but burning the killing yourself in the process. We’ll work together to check in on the balance and makes sure you are getting the profit you need while also achieving the life you want.

    CEO Skills

    When you build a business, it’s easy to get into a task master role. But, it is almost always true that that isn’t a good use of your CEO time or skills. I’ll coach you on how to put on your CEO cap and keep it on!


    Hiring is one of the hardest and scariest parts of being a CEO. A bad hire costs you more than money, it costs morale and time. I’ll equip you with knowledge and skills to make sure you hire right the first time.


    Systems and processes are the key to scaling your business. It’s both science and art. I’ll help you see where you can use systems and processes to streamline your work, add capacity and equip your people to do more with the same amount of time.

    Mastermind Group For Maine Business Owners

    Looking for a Maine Mastermind Group? One of the key benefits of Business Builder Camp is the network of Business Builders that regularly meet to focus and learn about a variety of topics. You can learn from some of our Business Builders on our podcast, The Business Builder Way.

    This group is unlike others. Each individual is going through their own battle growing their business, balancing out life, and keeping their head above the water. What we have seen develop is a level of accountability and encouragement that cannot be found anywhere else. Join Business Builder Camp and become part of our mastermind group of business owners just like you.

    Professional Business Coaching Services In Maine

    We know you have a lot of questions about our Maine business coaching, so contact us. Take your Maine based business to greater heights and your life to greater heights when you start business coaching. Whether you live in the center of Portland, the city of Bangor, or one of the state's local communities, our individualized business coaching will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

    Our mentoring aims to show you the way, support your entrepreneurial spirit, and most importantly turn operating your business into a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Together, let's create your legacy.


    1:1 Coaching is an investment of time and money. It’s intense work that required you to be focused on your own personal and business growth. Because of the commitment that Wayne makes to 1:1 Coaching clients, he only has space for a few clients.

    Most 1:1 coaching engagements last 1-3 years, however Wayne will coach a business owner for a 3-month reset if it is determined that is all that you need.


    Hiring a 1:1 coach is personal and we both want to make sure we are right for one another. Bring me a problem and I’ll spend a bit time coaching you. It’ll be a good test to see if my style is a good fit for you!


    During this discovery stage, we have a wide and deep 60-90 minute conversation about what you’re building in life and business. We talk about what’s missing and what you could use some help with. You’ll leave the conversation with an action plan 


    After our second call, you’ll have some homework. In this final 1-hour working call, we will follow up on the work you’ve done since the first conversation. Then, if we are a good fit, I’ll send you a proposal for a longer-term coaching engagement.

    Interested? Serious inquiries only.



    To say that I get it is an understatement. I have lived and worked through the good times and bad as a business owner, husband, parent and provider.

    I grew up with strong role models who had entrepreneurship running through their blood. I learned from them - the good and the bad. But all of that didn’t stop me from making my own set of mistakes. I still had to make and learn from my own, sometimes catastrophic, errors of judgement.

    Now, I am building a business just like you. I am proud of the growth I’ve accomplished within myself and my business. I also know that my growth is a journey, not a destination and that I need mentors, team members, coaches, and trusted friends to help me stay the course.

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