When it comes to your business, you want to be successful. You want to work hard to provide for yourself and your family, but not at the expense of your personal life and happiness. Rarely is a successful business created at the snap of a finger or without any sacrifices, but where is the line that separates hard work with too much work and sacrificing a few personal events with being absent so much that it seems you’re not there even when you are?

Spending all of your waking moments focused on work may seem beneficial, but can actually be counterproductive to building a strong business. Yes, you should prioritize your work life, but also yourself, your health, your relationships, etc…. All it takes is a little balance.

The problem is, balance is not a tangible item that you can easily see and work towards. It’s difficult to know where there is too much of something in one place and not enough in the other. Because it isn’t clear when the balance is out of whack until it’s almost too late, it’s discouraging to even try to get it right. 

That is why we created this Re-Balancing Exercise for you (see free download below).

Through the use of this Re-Balancing Exercise, you can actually see the different areas in your life that can be improved upon so that you see the warning signs before it’s a disaster.  

First, let’s look at the different areas of your life: your work life, family and friends, romantic relationships, leisure, physical health, money, personal growth, and your physical environment. Organize your priorities on paper and rank the importance that each area currently holds in your life, and where you hope it will be in the future. By reflecting on and creating new personal goals, you’ll begin to see how you can be more balanced.

Next, you’ll plan “Action Items.” This is where your goals will start to become a reality as you decide the best ways to work towards them. These action items can be anything from building new habits to working with an accountability coach. Build these action items in your everyday routine and lifestyle, be intentional about seeing them through, and this will be the driving force of helping you reach your goals a lot faster. Stating your goals is important, but working towards them everyday is what is going to make you successful.

This exercise is intended for repeated use. Going back to this exercise about every 120 days and expanding on your previous goals will help you continue to follow your trajectory towards a more balanced life and reflect upon what was successful and what can be improved as you continue on in your journey.