The 3 Principles To A Happy Life ft. Ankush Jain

In today’s episode, we go to a previously recorded episode from the “The Business Builder Way” Vault with Ankush Jain who is a Life Coach, Mentor, and Author.  Ankush and I talk about the 3 principles to a happy life. Relationships and communication were once an area that Ankush (and many of us) struggled with.

Tune in to learn more about these principles to be able to tap this for your everyday life and businesses.

His book, Sweet Sharing: Rediscovering the REAL YOU can be found wherever you buy your books and more information on Ankush’s coaching services can be found here:

Ankush Jain business coach head shot.

Ankush Jain

Ankush Jain specializes in working with people to improve their relationships and communication:

1. Relationships with others – colleagues, stakeholders, clients as well as personal relationships

2. Relationship with themselves – resulting in more confidence, self-esteem, and presence.

Through this work, he helps clients to be more effective in the workplace whilst reducing stress and overwhelm.

For Ankush, relationships and communications were areas he struggled with.

There was no training available within his organization so he found coaches and mentors externally. The coaching and training he received had such a powerful effect that he decided to take this out to the world.

In 2012, Ankush trained as a coach and immediately started working with private clients from around the world including those in senior managerial positions. In 2015, as his business grew, he pursued this career full-time and also started training other coaches.

This work is his focus and passion and he continues to receive training which continues to create change in his own life and business in how he coaches other consultants and coaches.