what does my work mean

The Butcher…the Baker…and the Candlestick Maker… – Is work a grind? Does it feel like “groundhog day” every day? Are you an owner/manager/leader who is working to inspire your team?

– in the “old days”, people were craftspeople and they worked very closely with their customers. They either served them directly at the counter – the shoemaker, the baker, the blacksmith – they knew their customers and they recognized the difference that they were making in the lives of the customers. People who worked “in the back” as apprentices or laborers were able to tell people in their community where they worked and the people knew about that place and what was produced. This brought connection. Today, most people do not touch customers so directly. They touch them only over email or at best the telephone. Sometimes people do not interact even in these ways. Ken Blanchard says in “Gung Ho” that people want to know that they are doing worthwhile work. We all want meaning – we want to know that we are helping someone and making a difference in the world.

If you are an employee…talk with some peers about how your product or service makes a difference in the lives of those who consume or use it. If you are a leader…have a small group meeting with multiple groups and explore the question, “How do we make the world a better place?” – use a flip chart or whiteboard. You may need to be ready to “seed the conversation” because people do not think about this anymore…

How are you like the Butcher, the Baker or the Candlestick maker?

How do you make the world a better place with your work?

How can you help your team see that they matter and to get connection with your customers?

Have a great day! – If any of this resonated with you – drop me a line and let’s connect on LinkedIn.

– Wayne