choose wisely

“Great salespeople today are looking for the opportunity to make great money, yes…but moreover, they are looking for a culture and a team that will support them.  Great salespeople want to have a full tool kit to go into battle with.  The way a company recruits says a lot about how they will support that salesperson’s efforts and talents.  We work to help companies that already have great systems, coaching, culture, and inbound content creation systems to adequately tell their story so that they can attract “A” talent from the organizations that don’t deserve to have these people.”

– Wayne Herring (that’s me!!)   as quoted in Carole Mahoney’s great article this week.

The point of  Carole’s article is that if you want “A” talent on your sales squad, then you have to provide “A” level Sales Management, “A” level culture, “A” level support, “A” level Leadership…

Check our her full article here…   How Much of a Notice do you need Sales Employer?