What is a Business Builder

“I’ll know it when I see it.” That’s the phrase first used by Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart in 1964. Of course, it has been adopted and used by countless others since then. It’s also how we describe those who belong in the Business Builder community. The definition of a Business Builder is tough to put our finger on, but we know it when we see it.

It’s more than someone who started a business. It’s more than someone who is finding success at that business. It’s more than someone ambitious. It’s something unique and special.

Business Builders create and build because they believe that what they have to offer will add tremendous value to others and the world. They look at a blank canvas and see possibilities.

They are capable, innovative, and brave. They are also deeply committed to their families.

They know that it is possible to be a successful business owner and an excellent partner, parent, and provider to those they love.They are not afraid of hard work. Business Builders are high performers who embrace it and love the process of building better businesses AND relationships every day of their lives.

The Anatomy of a Business Builder:

Authentic –Knows who they are and isn’t afraid to be that person in all circumstances.

Curious – Always wanting to learn, grow, and get better

Ambitious – Achievement and success are essential.

Balanced – Seeks to be their best in all areas of life.

Community – Builds others up and leans into others when needed.

Honest – With themselves and others

Adventurous: Embraces new experiences. 

Business Builder Camp is NOT industry-specific. It IS an intentional connection with others for growth and support. Accountability, expertise, and empathy weave in and out of the community in a way that holds one another up. 

Just a Few of Our Business Builders

• Tony owns a dog training, boarding, and general pet care business. He also owns a woodworking business on the side.

• Susie – occupational therapist specifically for people to learn to drive again. She started a coaching school for other OTs to teach them to do the same thing.  

• Craig runs two businesses – home remodeling and consulting within the solar industries.

• Buddy helps business owners lose weight and helps healthcare professionals teach wellness. He also owns a chiropractic clinic and health food store.

• Scott is an angel investor and leadership coach who built and then sold a business, as many of our business builders would like to also do. 

• Jared is a coach for fire chiefs in the space of leadership transformation and development. 

• Andy is the owner of a structural engineering company and a training program that helps engineers pass their professional exam. Plus, he has built and sold small niche websites.• Nate is a farmer, butcher, and restaurateur.

• Matt owns a commercial construction company.

“Hearing about other members’ business struggles is helpful. It is always so much easier to solve other peoples’ problems than my own. But, in the midst of that, I am reminded of the practices I need to be putting in action for myself as well.” 

“The entrepreneur side of me needs to get filled up sometimes. Having this community to check ideas against is fun. Having feedback through the lens of different industries is cool.” 

“As the guy at the top, I am always operating at a high level and I’m expected to have the right answers. It’s nice to get together with others who are also experiencing the same problems and opportunities as a business owner.”

“I’ve made a few pivots these last few years. This group helps me get clarity on the direction I need to move. I enjoy digging in with the group and supporting others.”

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