“You can do that Right Now.” – Steve Chandler I was just working with a coaching client and this came up… – he is the right hand to my Business Owner client and he has been fearful about doing some things at work and during our conversation revealed that he had been fearful about doing something that he really wanted to do…that is sort of an ordinary thing for me… but caused fear of the unknown for him. It isn’t a huge thing but he was delaying it… and I asked “Do you have the money to do this right now?” His answer was… “oh yeah…for sure”. So I said – let’s do this RIGHT NOW….. Let’s BOOK IT… Right now. I FREAKING LOVE MY WORK!!!

There is a huge difference between “should” and “Oughta” and “someday”.

We (family and I) want to travel internationally… we kept talking about it and finally one day I realized the first step is…. GET PASSPORTS. I thought, we can do that Right Now. So, I booked appointments at the passport office. Small steps. Right now. Our next step was to put it in our paper calendar…. we did that…

What are you delaying, what can you do Right Now?

Steve Chandler is the leader of the Coaching school and program I am doing this year to sharpen my game for clients and is the author of many books including “RIGHT NOW” – I’ll link to it in the comments.

How you do Anything is How you do Everything…I don’t know who first said it but I first heard it from Rich Litvin, another powerful coach and it is true. If you can learn to take action in personal things that you want, it will help you in Building your business or in being a Leader at work. It is good to think and get the advice of smart people who care and won’t try to hold you back to the status quo, but CARPE DIEM BABY!

So what can you do, even if it is just the small first step, RIGHT NOW? BOOM!