pig love scale

I received a Love letter from a client yesterday. It was VERY effective motivation for me. I know that this business owner gets more from her team because of this same behavior! You can learn from her note to me….

As a Coach/Consultant focused on helping business owners to Grow… helping them to feel like they are making forward progress and acting on their dreams… this is what it’s all about.

Smart clients know that this is what Really motivates someone like me. So this is about me sharing something good for sure… I want you to see how I help business owners and how happy they are.

… but I also want you to see…. Sending this note to me will help get this client even more heart and soul and effort… praise works…. even for those you are paying. This applies to your employees and this applies to vendors and virtual workers and it even applies to relatively highly compensated Coaches/Consultants.

Please do not make the mistake of thinking “I don’t need to praise them, they are getting paid well.”

Note too how specific this client is…. she tells me exactly what helped so much and why. Not just “good job, thanks”. Then see how she ends with the ultimate high praise…

This is what I received from my awesome client…

Just wanted to share…

I had an old client that left 8 years ago just come back to life (thank you Hubspot newsletter). Since I no longer work directly with clients, I paired him with [Salespro] for our call today, and I got to sit-in and listen to her use the new triage call and the questions [SalesManager] and the [Sales Team] mapped out.

Two brilliant things happened:

A) SalesPro listened 10x more than she talked (usually it’s the other way around).

B) It was a literal slam dunk. He told us “I definitely made the right call, you guys are exactly what I need.” 

It was fast, easy, and beautiful to witness in action. Tell me again why I waited so long to hire you???

Thank you awesome client!!!