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Whether you have been a business owner for many years or are at the grassroots of growing your business, you can be a Business Builder.

What Is A Business Builder?

A business owner is not a Business Builder. A Business Builder is something else entirely. We are not only trying to start and run a successful business, but we are focused on developing a vision, a business that exceeds all expectations and, along with an amazing business, a successful life.

Anyone with enough money, time, or connections can develop a successful business. A Business Builder in contrast, is unique. Business Builders are not only effective in their business, but they are also successful in life. Learn what a Business Builder is.

Skills To Learn To Become A Better Business Builder

Below are a few of our recommendations for becoming a better Business Builder.

1. Become A Better Business Builder By Growing Leadership Skills

The best Business Builders are leaders. Becoming a better Business Builder requires you to continually grow and develop your leadership skills. Whether you are at home, in the office, or with a group of friends, deciding to be a leader and influence those around you for the better is vital to a Business Builder’s growth.

2. Develop Processes Helps You Improve As A Business Builder

As a business grows, it can become weighed down by all of the extra steps and items a business holds on to from old processes. To be a better Business Builder, you need to increase your company’s efficiency and effectiveness. Applying LEAN manufacturing process improvements or Kiazen principles to any business system will help your company grow and develop. Being a better Business Builder means improving your process.

3. The Best Business Builders Have Empathy

In every interaction a Business Builder has, they try to put themselves in the other person’s shoes to understand their experience. Having empathy is key to a Business Builder’s success. As Business Builders, we can be headstrong and focused on our vision, but having empathy will keep us from bulldozing over our friends, family, employees, and partnerships. Learning to be more empathetic will help you become a better Business Builder.

4. Improve Your Business’s Sales Pipeline Will Build Your Business

Your business’s sales are the lifeblood of your company. If you do not receive leads that close, your business will not grow. Being a Business Builder requires you to learn sales, develop sales, and equip your sales team. Make your sales close rates improve, and you will become a better Business Builder.

5. Excellent Work Is Needed To Be A Better Business Builder

The work you perform needs to be top tier professional and a cut above the competition. Improving as a Business Builder comes when you take pride in the work you perform. You know your product or service is made to help people.

6. The Best Business Builders Cast A Vision For Their Company

Develop a vision for your business beyond numbers and size. Create a vision that is developed around purpose. Why did you start your business and become a Business Builder? How does your business help people, your community, and the world? What impact do you want your business to have? Develop a clear vision for your business.

7. Become A Better Business Builder By Connecting

Growing as a Business Builder means you need to connect with others. While this is rooted in communication, it also requires you to take action. Knowing similar business owners who seek to improve and grow is invaluable as a Business Builder. Finding a mastermind group of Business Builders is a great way to connect. Beyond connecting, become a connector. Introducing people to others and helping other Business Builders is a major part of becoming a better Business Builder.

8. A Business Builder Coaches Their Executive Team

Building your business does not depend solely on you; it also is determined by your team. Your leadership team needs ongoing coaching and your leadership to help problem solve and develop them as leaders within your business. Become a better Business Builder by coaching your executive team.

9. Improve As A Business Builder With Professional Business Coaching

As a coach to your team, you must see the importance and value of coaching. Seek a mentor, and find a professional business coach to become a better Business Builder. A business coach will help you to grow in all the areas mentioned above (and many more) while holding you accountable for the goals you set. One-on-one coaching will help you grow and improve building your business.

10. Become A Better Business Builder Through Continual Growth & Learning

Dedicate time to continual growth and improvement to improve as a Business Builder. You do not have to work on everything at once. Read a book and join a book club, pick one of the items listed above and start working on improving today. Having a 1% better each day mindset will help you in your journey as a Business Builder.