Money Work Sexy Work

Money Work vs. Sexy Work  |  By: Casey Fuerst

It’s important to know that Wayne, CEO of Business Builder Camp, is my coach. I am a member of the network and in a mastermind group. I also utilize Wayne for individual coaching calls as needed. 

This last week I needed one of those calls. Like most business owners, I go through seasons of busyness and seasons of slowness. As I look back on the years in business, the summers have been slower, which has been a blessing. But, as Fall approaches, I get antsy. I get bored. 

Last week, when this happened, I set up a call with Wayne in the hopes that he would ask some of his magical coaching questions and pull me out of the rut I was in. 

I share this because I know many of you, my fellow business owners, have experienced similar seasons. 

Here’s a summary of the call:

Casey: I’m bored. I need new, exciting things in my work.

Wayne: Why?

Casey: Because I’m bored, and I do better work when I’m excited about the things I’m doing.

Wayne: Why?

Casey: Because I’m an adult who hasn’t figured out how to be bored; and who is constantly seeking the next thrill of entrepreneurship; and don’t feel fulfilled when I’m doing the same-old, same-old things.

Wayne: Why?

Casey: I DON’T KNOW. I’m broken! Fix me, Wayne!

Again – I’m telling myself that you all can relate!

Learning Time with Wayne

Then, Wayne dropped some knowledge. Here’s what he said – in a nutshell.

There is ‘money work’ and there is ‘sexy work’. Wayne drew his understanding of this from another coach, Rich Litvin.

The money work isn’t less meaningful. In fact, it is the work that, over time, you’ve determined to be the most effective for your clients. Because of that, there is a fair amount of rinse and repeat. 

The sexy work is the experimental projects that feed your need for learning and growing. It’s not yet to the point that you can charge a premium for it, but it has the potential to be the future of the money work.

A Shift in Perspective

Money work is scalable. It is the work that, as an adult who hasn’t figured out how to be bored, feels boring. But, it’s the work that is so very, very good for the clients that we serve. It’s also the place where my business can get more sales quickly, serve people well, and get great results. It’s really important work. 

By understanding the money work this way, I have shifted my perspective. Now, I am focused on selling more of the money work, then turning the money work over to employees to execute at the highest level. My role, as the owner of the company, is to feed the money work. I also get to do the sexy work of being the voice of best practices, trends, and anticipated needs so that the money work stays relevant and powerful. 

It’s a small shift, and 100% mental work, but important!

What is Your Money Work? What is Your Sexy Work?

I challenge you to answer these questions. 

What is your money work?

What is your sexy work?

What is the balance that leads to healthy growth for your business?