Buddy Touchinsky

PEAK Integrative Medicine

Meet Buddy

Buddy is a Business Builder. He works with integrity developing PEAK Integrative Medicine to new heights. With the approach he has had over the past years being a member of Business Builder Camp he has a clear focus on his business's vision. Spending just as much time working on his business as he does working in it Buddy is an excellent example of what it means to be a Business Builder.

On his journey, he is accompanied by his wife, Susie Touchinsky, who is also a Business Builder. Together, they are not only successful in their businesses, but they are intentional with their family and their lives.

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Hear From Buddy On The Business Builder Podcast

Buddy has been part of Business Builder Camp since the beginning and he has always had a calling to be a Business Builder. Learn from him about finding your calling and how you can unleash the power of a collective group.

Join Buddy At Business Builder Camp!

Learn More About Buddy

Learn more about Buddy Touchinsky when you join us at Business Builder Camp. He is part of our regular Tuesday Mastermind Group with a few other men. You will see him at many of our retreats, events, and online all-camp meetings. Get to know him more on our podcast and from his work at PEAK Integrative Medicine in Orwigsburg, PA.

When you see Buddy at Business Builder Camp you will notice he has so much to share from his experience as a business owner, yet he is always listening and absorbing what everyone says around him. His insights in his mastermind groups and at our Business Builder Camp retreats are invaluable to our group. Make sure you get to know Buddy Touchinsky at Business Builder Camp.

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