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Susie Touchinsky

Adaptive Mobility Services

Meet Susie

Susie is a Business Builder. Susie brings so much heart and love for her work to the table. When talking to her about Adaptive Mobility Services, you can hear how much the work she does means to her and how much she cares about each person she works with. Her business is not a typical occupational therapist's job and isn't that common, which is why she teaches and trains others in her field so they can start their own business. From patients to other business owners, Susie is making an impact that ripples through every person she interacts with.

On her journey, she is accompanied by her husband, Buddy Touchinsky, who is also a Business Builder. Together, they are not only successful in their businesses, but they are intentional with their family and their lives.

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Business Builder Way Podcast image featuring Susie Touchinsky owner of adaptive mobility services.

Hear From Susie On The Business Builder Podcast

Susie is featured in this episode of the Business Builder Podcast. You can learn about Adaptive Mobility Services and learn more about her as she shares her knowledge and experience.

Join Susie At Business Builder Camp!

Learn More About Susie

When you meet Susie at Business Builder Camp, ask if you can see her car! There was one camp where we left her husband's business, and all took a tour of her car setup, which was fascinating. As she described her work and the design of the adaptive mobility tools, it opened up a lot of Business Builders to a business and service that is very different from theirs.

What is so great about Susie is despite her business being unique, she has so much knowledge to share in effectively organizing and developing a company. Through her work and her work as a business builder we all benefit from her outside the box approaches to business.

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