pause for a moment

Have you taken a moment to think about and even journal about “what’s good about today”?  Have you taken stock of what is good about YOU and Your business and the progress you have made?

Every morning when I get up I grab a coffee from the automatic coffee machine thing that I set the night before (I ignored this feature for years and made my wife mad when I ground coffee at 5 am while she was sleeping and then impatiently waited for the first strong cup to be done!)

…then I generally read something spiritual (QUICKLY!)…lol

Next thing is to write in my journal.  I have been writing now almost daily since June.

I shouldn’t…but right after that spiritual reading… and when I know I should be doing at least a bit of Eastern Style reflection and meditation…. I immediately begin writing about BIG plans… GROWTH plans…. NEXT moves… Business GROWTH…. Down the road….what I should do… yada yada…

Today, I actually paused.  And I thought “What’s Good about today?” – some would call this gratitude journaling…

What I came up with surprised me.  I am 4 years into my Business Coaching journey… I meet with my Master I basically apprentice under on Friday.  Things are going pretty good.   I have some great clients.   I received 2 “Love Letters” from clients in the past week thanking me for my help.  On the family front – everyone is healthy.  Farm season wrapped up very successfully, the best ever.  We decided to pause the commercial farming and pause all animal raising for a year and we are happy with that.  My wife has been working with me in our business since the kids went back to school and that is going great – it is work and it is changing and developing, but this has been fun and rewarding for both of us.

Business….and Life…. Is really good.  Not perfect.  Not Richard Branson, Private Jets, High Rolling, Cover of Entrepreneur “good”….but is that what I really want?  Is that what you want?

So how is your business going?  Stop – take a “spot check inventory”.  

Are you happy?

Are you making money and is the business surviving?  Growing even?

Are you providing a solid income and life for good employees?

Is your work positively impacting Clients and your Community?

Do you have a mentor?  Do you have Skills? 

Is your family Healthy?  Did you eat dinner with them at least once in the past 3 days?

So what is good about today?  Be sure to pause the plans for world domination and take stock and count your blessings and silently and humbly celebrate your progress.

Have an awesome Tuesday.  I’d love to hear how you are doing.