a car more a day

Thomas and I went to the dump one day this past summer (a fun and teachable moment with your son after he helps you load the truck) and then went to the Lansford No.9 coal mine tour. The sign refers to a miner working on a per car pay rate who should work to dig one more.

I grew up wearing clothes and eating food that a coal miner bought. My pop (grandfather) was a simple man and still is. But he worked hard day in and day out. He kept going even when there was only rock to mine in order to get to more coal.

He didn’t need to start over again with a baby when he was 40.…but he did. (And my grandmother too of course)

Anyway…This sign is a good reminder for me. I need to just shut up and put my work in plus a little bit more most days. Sometimes I get way too interested in the latest tool or tip or tactic and I forget that a lot of things in business and life are simple. One more car…Or one more call…