cabinet knobs

Installing cabinet knobs / pulls and false stories you tell yourself that hold you back

Yesterday I met with a guy who started out as a potential client who wanted to grow his consulting business via sales process and team growth…. but he is local and became a friend and we go to church together – so we decided to become accountability partners and kick each other in the tail to get moving partners. His name is Scott.

Your stories that get in your way…

So, Scott has a business growth project he is working on and he gets distracted by many other things, and he actually seeks out distractions. It is easy to see this in Scott and be judgmental – BECAUSE I DO IT TOO! – Guilty am I.

Anyway… Scott said yesterday, “well, that’s just how I am. I tend to not finish a lot of my projects. Just ask my wife about our cabinets. The knobs and drawer pulls have been sitting in a box for years. I just don’t finish things.”

WOAH! I have heard that story 4 times and every time he forgets that I already know the story.  

I called him on it yesterday, and said to him – the one most important thing you need to do before our next get together is finish those cabinets. Stop that bullshit story. Get rid of it.

……  it is so simple, yet so important…..

He says he is not a finisher and he keeps those knobs in a box to prove it. 

I’ve got stories I tell myself that are very similar about “How I am….” and then I bring out the example that I refuse to fix so that I can justify it. I know I do this…. but I’m not sure what the stories are – but I will be asking my Coach and my mastermind group members and my wife to listen for them this year.

Do you have unfinished projects and so therefore you are “not a finisher”? Do you have clutter and disorganization and do you choose to keep it that way so you can be “disorganized”? Do you stink at calling people cold and do you keep a story of some people you called who didn’t buy anything and then latch on to all of the “cold calling is dead and you’re a loser if you call people cold” material out there?

What’s your story of who you are or are not?

Perhaps more importantly, who will hear that story 4 times, recognize it, and lovingly call you out on it?