maids quarters

…I hope you find an event like the one in the photo to share with your children. Event driven marketing works for client attraction and conversion and Event driven Daddy/daughter time works to get things in my calendar and be sure I make memories and true happiness…. I registered for this in our community. We live in a small town… I have done business networking events at this B&B, the owner used to buy eggs and ham from us at the farm, and the theater it benefits is a place I have taken my children for free movies sponsored by the local bank…. while I’m on that topic – the other night I took my son to bat in the indoor facility that my best friend from HS basically GC’d with volunteer labor plus donations from area contractors. 3 of us ran the practice – 3 dads…. we all played Varsity baseball together and the coach used to tell us that someday he hoped we would be working with kids and that we would teach them right.

In a world where you can see instantly on Social Media the oft-inflated success of other Business Builders… do NOT BE ASHAMED or feel like you aren’t big enough if you build a small but mighty business in your Community. It makes a Huge difference to all whom you touch!

ROCK ON. I’m in your corner and I’m glad you’re in mine!