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What Mastermind Group Should I Join?

Joining a mastermind group can be a challenging decision. Which one has the best value? Where does it take place? Will I learn and be inspired? Is there a perfect business mastermind group for me?

Factors To Help You Choose Your Business Mastermind Group

There are a variety of factors you should consider when searching for a mastermind group that will improve you and improve your business. Consider these when choosing a mastermind group to join.

1. Who Runs The Mastermind Group

The leader of a mastermind group largely determines the value of the mastermind as well as its longevity. A skilled and seasoned group leader can provide direction, structure, and a plethora of information. It is important to evaluate the leader’s ability, style of leadership, and dedication to fostering a cooperative and encouraging atmosphere.

At Business Builder Camp, team members occasionally run their mastermind groups, which Wayne facilitates. Meet Wayne Herring if you are considering joining the Business Builders.

2. Who Is Part Of The Mastermind Group?

Are the members of the mastermind people you could see yourself meeting? Are they business owners like you? Even if they aren’t like you in how they became a business owner, are they similar in what they are seeking in business, and in life? You should connect with them on LinkedIn, and see what type of content they are producing. See if they have been featured on a business owner’s podcast.

Meet the Business Builders and learn about them. Listen to Season 2 of the Business Builder Way Podcast to learn more about each of them more personally.

3. How Much Does The Mastermind Group Cost?

How much should a mastermind cost? This is a scenario where you should recognize that you get what you pay for. While the cost of a mastermind group does not directly reflect the value gained, it can be a good indicator. Largely free and open business masterminds see a high turnover with a group that has more selfish goals.

Think of the investment as a commitment to your own development and growth. People who are serious about their business and are prepared to pay for effective business growth are more likely to be part of paid mastermind groups. A group that you pay to be part of has a higher investment level, so the group as a whole is seeking its success.

A Warning: Free mastermind groups typically fall prey to Multi-Level Marketing Schemes (MLMs), formally known as pyramid schemes. If you experience a free mastermind group and think that mastermind groups are not for you, try a paid mastermind group. You will find the experience is much more enjoyable and invigorating for your business.

4. The Business Group’s Purpose & Goals

Some business groups are fully focused on marketing, others focus on parenting, some are through a Christian worldview, and others fit a specific niche within businesses. You can find business masterminds that are industry focused, others that are hybrid. There are five core types of mastermind groups to consider. The one that fits with your future goals is the one for you.

5. Does It Fit With Your Schedule?

See if the mastermind group meets in person or online. When do they meet? Where do they meet? In-person is always better, but do you have the time to commit to that? Online is convenient, but can you get more personable? Do not join a mastermind group if you cannot commit to regular meetings.

Consider Choosing Business Builder Camp

There are lots of business masterminds you can join. We even recommend 10 of our own favorite mastermind groups that we have been a part of, but we would love for you to consider the Business Builders. Our group consists of high achievers seeking not only a successful business, but a successful life. Contact Wayne to meet him and start your process of choosing a business mastermind group.