welcome to business builder camp

“Joe, my wife was certain we would be living in a cardboard box when I started my business. That was 24 years ago. Keep God first and never give up.”

“Our cash flow was such that I even thought we’d live in a cardboard box for a while.” … See more at the bottom…

Where do you go to talk about dealing with rapid changes to technology and customer behavior in your Industry?

Where do you go for info and feedback when you have massive turnover in your staff and the employee pool is dry?

Where do you go to be around other guys who are honest about their 20 year low level fear about cash flow in the business?

Where do you go to get around guys that will help you 10x your vision, where some are smarter than you and ahead of you?

Do you get distracted by Squirrel syndrome or “shiny object syndrome” or “like a cat-itis”? Need someone to bust on you and keep you on track? 

I’m excited and writing about this because this Group is REALLY good… it isn’t me working to sell something…it is truly a collection of guys who are starting to help each other and do business together. It will take time for friendships to form and real relationships to grow but it’s happening and I’m so lit up about it.

It can be lonely being a business owner. EGO gets involved in a big way. Not that you are an Ego maniac…but your ego is at work. You are around people who think and expect you are KILLING it because you’re a business owner. You’re around other business owners who often stretch the truth about how well they are doing and they focus on the good things.

On the other hand….  You may KNOW you are playing smaller than you could but you are doing better than those around you – so you stay put.

Business, Family, your health – they intersect in a big way. I talk to other Good guys that own businesses at wrestling matches and I hear what they are saying – we need this.

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PS – I told you about the guy in our Group who is in a stage where growth is fast, cashflow is tight and fears at home are causing tension – these were some of my favorite comments from other guys who have been there and are there in addition to those 2 at the top of this email…

“Our cash flow right now is good…and I still have fears that I don’t see strongly in dreams but they are fears of loss. My thing is my kids begging in rags. Prayer, meditation, continued action have generally made this better. BUT, being a business owner when your business feeds the family does really cause fear and anxiety for many of us…even though it normally operates like one of those hidden memory draining apps on your computer.”

“Joe…telling you….. listen to the Profit First audible book…. and do yourself a favor and start those 5 accounts. Makes Ramseyish business accounting so easy! And a Warren Lewis tip… have my wife run credit cards for incoming funds! And having her see our 5 accounts on the screen and distribute money, especially in the “Owner’s Pay” account for 2 months ahead has been GREAT for our marriage. “

“Focus on what you can control and manage to your cash. Work on a good banking relationship. If you don’t have a good relationship with your bank , who’s willing to work with the ebb and flow, and support you in the ebb fully, you need find one.”

You have my prayers. Just remember it is toughest right before a breakthrough. Keep moving in faith!! “

=====> I hope you Join us, Thanks.  –  Wayne