vision and dreams

When you have a Vision for your Life and Business…. and when you write that down for you, often times again and again… Magic happens. Then, when you Share it with others around you, more Magic can happen. Some will call you a fool. Others will get behind you and help make magic happen. The Universe will get behind you. God has always been for you.

When you get around other people who also have big Visions… maybe bigger than yours… then you expand your thinking. When you get around other people who have Achieved huge things…and then realize that they are Mere Mortals like you….when you don’t look for “excuses” or “reasons” or “advantages” for why they achieved their success – then you can start to Grow your thinking.

Get your Vision and Dreams out there. Share it with others who will think it’s totally possible.

In our Group we are doing “Motivation Monday” and I recorded this message to encourage the guys in our group to share their big dreams and Visions.  Video Motivation Monday Message from our Farm Front Porch

What is your big Vision or Dream? Write it down. Tomorrow we’ll talk about the Smallest Possible First Step.


My Vision and Dream is to create a community of Real Men with Real Businesses that are SMASHING it… in Business, in LIfe and at Home, in their Personal Adventures and in their Community. Moving together…moving farther…

We are working into 5 key Components to help each other achieve big things:

1.) VISION – must know where you are headed and write it, speak it, video it, put that energy out there and ask God and the Universe for strength and resources and make sure your motives are right….

1.5) Smallest Possible First Step and then Next Step

2.) FITNESS / CORE STRENGTH – this includes your Body / Mind / Spiritual Fitness and also includes basic fundamental skills like understanding people and how to Lead and motivate them, it includes a basic Selling System and framework like Baseline Selling

3.) a PROGRAM / STRUCTURE to keep you on track – like our rhythm, based on the Popular 90 day / 12-week sprint models like The 12-Week Year or the 90 Day Year but with a Twist

4.) JUST IN TIME LEARNING and Resources – things change so fast in your world and the world around you – you need fast answers to challenges from others you can trust and the answers need to be in your best interest, not the best interest of a new tool or software with a Ninja marketing team who assures you they can fix the problem

5.) SUPPORT and PUSH from other Business Owners who are also dreaming big and also wanting to be all around good guys.

* I’ve been writing a lot about Guys and my group is focused on guys. Others will question this and I’m sure not like this focus. I have a powerful wife and 3 daughters and I will encourage them to write their Vision with no limits. I just so happen to want a group of guys because of my own deficiencies in leading my business and being a dad and husband at the same time. I am really coaching myself and getting support for me!