As you prioritize your business and everything involved in building it successfully, it is easy for your health and fitness to be put on the backburner. 

It’s a common problem amongst so many business owners. One area of our life is spot-on-perfect while others struggle. The pendulum swings one way then back to the other. It’s challenging to keep the balance.

Because our goal at Business Builder Camp is to help you be the best leader and all-around person you can be, we can’t neglect your physical wellness. To help you with this, we brought in the best fitness lifestyle coach around.

Since the beginning of his football career, Pete Koch has been hungry for knowledge about the fitness world. Pete builds his life around his passion for fitness and educating others on reaching their fitness goals. Pete is a former professional football player with the Kansas City Chiefs and LA Raiders, a bodybuilder, an expert in physical fitness, and the creator of “Making You Better 30 Seconds at a Time.”

We brought Pete into our Business Builder Camps because he embodies what it looks like to be devoted to reaching your fitness potential. With tons of knowledge and experience, Pete will be hosting monthly group coaching sessions for our mastermind participants. These sessions will focus on educating and motivating our clients to work towards a balanced life, including physical fitness.

During our time with Pete, he’ll break down the areas that contribute to the overall goal. He will be working hand in hand to boost your fitness now and engrain sustainable habits in your life. Then, when you’re in your eighties and still in good health, you’ll look back and be thankful for Pete’s coaching.

Strength training isn’t easy or comfortable. In fact, it can be mentally and physically challenging. But, when you are physically strong, feelings of depression and “imposter syndrome” are greatly diminished. In their place is a feeling that you can do anything you set your mind to. Strength training makes you feel empowered, clear-headed, and able to tackle projects and problems at work. 

Being strong makes you feel and act like a better leader.

With all of his experience comes enlightening perspectives on how to form a healthier life. He talks about how valuable his constant hunger for knowledge proved throughout his career and life. If you want results, ask questions. Be curious-It keeps you motivated, excited, and ready to do what is best for you. 

To join our monthly sessions with Pete, contact Wayne.