no silver bullets

[MY NAME IS NO] – The magic word when the next “solution provider” knocks on your business door!! (Song Link Below)

This is my favorite song for a few reasons right now and it should be yours too if you are building a Company and Team!

First it is my favorite because I have 3 daughters – one is 13! So as a dad – I like this song. A lot. 🙂

The next reason is – I see my business owner clients being attacked (yes I said attacked!) from all sides by “Silver Bullets”, “Golden Arrows” and “Magic Pills”.

You probably don’t have as many Sales as you want and you may be frustrated with Salespeople. People can really suck. They have emotions, families, outside interests, other companies trying to hire them, physical ailments, distractions, and on and on.

It is no wonder you are prone to messages from Marketers of their Potions and Cure-Alls – we are promised the magic that will allow us to free ourselves from…. Humans! So, we bite. We buy. We read articles. We get excited. We get distracted.

Inbound Software providers say Outbound is dead. CRM companies say you need THEIR CRM. Drip marketing companies say real live Follow Up is dead. Facebook says email will soon be dead. ClickFunnels says Websites are Dead. You NEED LinkedIn!!! You NEED a Drip campaign!!! You need Account Based Tracking of hits to your content. You should be flying around and speaking to generate leads!!! When will you start Video Blogging? Your need Robo-Dialers and Artificial Intelligence sales technology. You need to do ….on and on and on…

I have news for you. Salespeople can be AWESOME! They don’t need Artificial Intelligence. Many of them have amazing Real Intelligence. Salespeople are the ultimate Business Scaling Asset. Salespeople will give you Leverage like nothing else.

 Good salespeople who fit your Culture and Selling System. If you have a System. 

Inbound and these other tools are good too. If you pick your Channel, your System, your Lead source…and then Work THAT ONE UNTIL YOU’VE got it!

Say NO. Listen to this Song. Vendors and Software Wizards and Authors are great. BUT…you must pick and choose the ONE that you are focused on.

Then… Say No! Say no to everything else! Resist the urge. 

Don’t buy one more Silver Bullet or Golden Arrow or box of Magic Pills to add to the pile of partially or unused Tools!

And – if you want to hire Stronger Salespeople and get them Ramped Up fast – let’s have a chat. We’ll dive deep into who your ideal salesperson is…and how to find them.

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My Name is No! My Number is No! Say No to say YES in a big way.