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Susie Touchinsky

Adaptive Mobility Services LLC

When a drivers experiences an injury or illness, there can be a time when they stop driving. When they are ready to regain their freedom and independence, they may need to be retrained or need the assistance of adaptive technology.

Adaptive Mobility provides the training and technology support for these drivers!

In addition to this important work, Susie trains other Occupational Therapists to provide the same services for clients around the United States!

I am an expert occupational therapist and certified driver rehabilitation specialist. I love it so much, I am one of a couple dozen who have even pursued the painstaking path of achieving the AOTA Specialty Certification in Driving & Community Mobility.

OTs who address driving CHANGE lives.

Role: Owner

I treat the clients, run the education, maintain the online learning platform, schedule the events, do the office management... I would say 40% client care, 25% education focused, and the rest running the business.


It's just me!


Driving services in PA, but OT training across the US!

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