Taking The Leap From A Job To A Business Owner ft. Casey Fuerst

In today’s episode, Casey Fuerst, Owner, and CEO of Tic Tac Toe Marketing and Tic Tac Toe Marketing Camp join us.

We look back at Casey’s Business Builder Hero’s Journey. We quickly learn how Casey took the leap from having a job to taking the steps to go two feet into starting her own business.

To learn more information on Casey and Tic Tac Toe Marketing at www.tictactoemarketing.com or directly email Casey at Casey@TicTacToeMarketing.com.

Headshot of Casey Fuerst.

Casey Fuerst

Casey and Tic Tac Toe Marketing are based out of Minneapolis, MN with more than 20 years of marketing experience, Casey and the team thrives on challenges, success, and working with amazing people!