it isnt true

What if the things you say about “how things are” in your business or your beliefs about you and your company…things like “we always” or “I always” or “we do it this way” are slowing your growth or allowing your competition to get more than their fair share?

I am a guy that knows how to use tractors, trains, trailers, equipment…and I have spent time with deep soul searching Life Coaches in California…. read on for a practical real guy exercise to do some fast “Deep work” for business owners.

Last week one of our Builders in our Friday morning group did an awesome exercise that he put in our Slack discussion group. – he filmed for us his whole estimating project for jobs. He has a business where he does lighting/sound/recording for Seminars, company meetings and other live events. (the cool thing is he then helps clients turn those recordings into content for marketing, for internal company training, and for Saleable video-based products for clients)

He used a Screencast tool to walk the guys through the whole process and his thoughts from the time he first talks to a prospect, through estimating, through proposal, etc.

He asked me and the others to look at it and see how he could streamline the process and how he could create some Packages vs. granular estimating every project as brand new.

I serve as a Disruptor to my clients and will often challenge the beliefs and thinking they have developed over time. So, when I listened to the recording, the biggest thing I heard…

….were his statements explaining to us about “the way I am” and “the way this industry works” and “what clients expect” and “how clients are all budget conscious these days and cut me to the nickel” etc.

My advice to him was simple.

Go back and re-listen to your recording.  Every time you hear yourself making a statement about “HOW THINGS ARE”…. Write that down.

Then, go back to your list and reflect on each belief of how others work, how the business is, how you are, etc. and ask yourself…

“What if that isn’t true?”  What if?  

I encourage you to do this. Record a video to explain to new Business Owner friends how a process works and how you do things. Screencast-O-Matic is a good tool. Then go back and (I know it can be hard) and listen to yourself. Write down those concrete statements you make, then go back and ask yourself “What if that isn’t true?” or better yet…. Write down what you would do differently if that statement definitively is Just NOT true?

Have an awesome day! Let me know what you learn with this.


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