Recently I have been working with several business owners who are struggling with installing a “Sales Mindset” in the people on their team. I have an insurance agent, a high-end designer jewelry store owner, and a Car dealer client that are all working on this same project.

In these businesses – the salespeople for a long time have had an “order taker” mentality. The market allowed this to “be ok” for a long time, but no longer. The world has simply become too competitive. 

Now, the business owners / sales leaders are working to coach their people to be salespeople who measure success not by the number of forms filled out or the customers “waited on” but by the units sold or policies written.

What is getting in the way of success for many of these salespeople? Some aspect of what we call “the Makeup™” of a Strong Salesperson. The Makeup is important for coaching existing salespeople…and it IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT FOR HIRING because we all know that we don’t want to start off on the wrong foot. A bad sales hire can damage the whole team and can cause missed opportunity, wasted time, wasted training dollars, upset customers who don’t become returning raving fan customers, etc.