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Have you tried If you haven’t you should… I have a client in my program who has delayed some very targeted prospect research that he had in his head for years because he didn’t think he could explain to his people and he just never got around to it. In one evening and for $25 we were able to put together a SUPER targeted list of 50 prospects with his video instructions and the hard (actually not hard because she is an EXPERT) work of someone in Canada. But I digress.

I have someone who I have worked with on Fiverr several times. He recently asked if I had any projects for him to do. This was my request: 

Make a list of the Top 10 Frustrations that Leaders have when Hiring Salespeople

 The following is what my friend Naman came up with by googling various terms related to “frustrations hiring salespeople”…. I think it is a pretty good list, what do you think? (I will have to ask him to research the top frustrations that great salespeople have when looking for a New sales position!)


Hiring good sales professionals and persons is not an easy thing to do. Professionals and leaders face a number of frustrations and issues when hiring salespeople. Some of these issues and frustrations include:

  • The ideal recruitment and selection process includes up to seven steps i.e. job analysis, sourcing, pool of qualified candidates, conducting multiple interviews, screening, selection and finalizing or “closing” the best candidate.
  • Leaders sometime face issues when hiring salespeople because they don’t do a proper job analysis BEFORE opening the applications.
  • Sometimes, leaders don’t use proper sourcing channels to get the best salespeople and this results in not getting the BEST salesperson for the job. In this regard, leaders get frustrated when trying to decide which candidate they should go for and which one they should reject.
  • It is hard for leaders to make perfect decisions about the salespeople based on their first impression during the hiring process. When the person they hire does not fit that first impression…This results in raising their frustration level.
  • Leaders shortlist a pool of qualified candidates for the final selection as salespeople. However, they face issues when none of the shortlisted candidates make the final cut. Then they have to start over.
  • Conducting interviews of salespople is another frustration that leaders face too often. It is hard to hire the best salespeople because interviewing process has become complicated and lengthy and this might result in losing the best salespeople along the way.
  • Lack of experience is another issue which leaders face while hiring salespersons. Sometimes they don’t find a salesperson who meets what they believe are the experience needs of the job and who will work for the money offered and this results in frustration.
  • I chose not to edit any of Naman’s writing here because his words really capture what happens I think: Personal likeness or dis-likeness is another issue which influences the hiring of salespeople. It is nature of humans that we like or dislike someone in fraction of one second. This poses frustration for leaders because sometime they personally don’t like a salesperson who may meet with the needs of job. BOOOM – Naman… you are so right!!
  • Leaders eschew candidates who do not conform to the stereotype that they imagine for the position. Having a salesperson in interview who has a different nature can worry the leader that the candidate might be difficult to manage. (Even though they may be able to do a great job in the sales role!)
  • The complex recruitment process is another hurdle in hiring the best salespersons. Sometimes leaders lose a top candidate in the early stages of the process just because of the complexity of the recruitment process.
  • Hiring salespersons on commission is a commonly used practice in business and organizational settings. However, this emerges as a frustration for leaders when the best salespersons refuse to work just for commission and they demand a basic salary also.

This is really really a great list of the common frustrations and also what is the cause of some of these frustrations. Sales Leaders and hiring managers…. some of Naman’s so called “Frustrations” are actually very fixable parts of your recruiting process!


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